Things to Do

Meat Cove Internet Café Meat Cove Internet Café

Newly opened, Meat Cove Internet Café offers full menu service and free delivery to our lodge. The café specializes in local seafood and offers some of the best food around.

They are open 8 a.m for breakfast and is closed 8 p.m if you want a late supper. Also offers laundry service and Internet access.

Hiking - see below

Whale Watching

Whale Watching in Cape BretonOur lodge offers great whale watching from our open deck. To get up close to the whales, you can book a whale tour for great scenery and close encounters. Cape Breton offers some of the best whale watching tours with the most experienced captains.

To book a tour, check out:


Meat Cove Campground

This campground overlooks the ocean. Kayak rentals and boat lauch available. Visit the website for more details Meat Cove Campground

Meat Cove Beach in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


Swim in the ocean on the beautiful Meat Cove Beach.


Outdoor Adventure

Year round guided experiences in spectacular wilderness settings. Hiking, paddling, cycling, snowshoeing and ski tours for all ages and abiliites.

For details, visit Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures.

You can also check out:

Bay St. Lawrence Welcome centre.

North Highlands Community Museum

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Top of the Island



Little Grassy Trail - Hiking trails in Cape BretonTo access any of the great hiking trails that Meat Cove has to offer, you can park at the Meat Cove Internet Café, which is a good starting point for all trails. Also, if you would like more information and a map of the area, they will provide you with this.

Little Grassy Trail:
Little grassy trail is a hike that will take about 30 minutes to reach the top, which overlooks the ocean and meat cove. It's great for a family hike.

Meat Cove Mountain


Meat Cove Mountain Trail:
Meat Cove Mnt. Trail is a 90 min. return hike. The steep terrain of the trail leads you to the mother mountain of Meat Cove, which overlooks the community & ocean. The mountain is overfilled with blueberries during August, which makes a delicious snack once you reach the top!


Cape St. LawrenceCape St. Lawrence (light house trail)
Cape St. Lawrence leads to the lighthouse, which many of our ancestors have lived. It is about a 4 hr. return. You will be lead to grassy fields with the ocean surrounding. There is a foundation of the old lighthouse & a new tower light. Cape St. Lawrence is a beautiful spot to watch the sun go down into the horizon. Also, Cape St. Lawrence is one of the few places where you can watch the sun rise and sunset from the very same spot! (Also loops around to Lowland Cove, one day hike.)

LowlandLowland Cove Trail:
Lowland cove is a 4 hr. return trail that takes you to a place similar to Cape St. Lawrence. You can do a round trip to Cape St. Lawrence on a trail that goes along side banks above the ocean. (Also loops to Cape St. Lawrence, one day hike)  

Meat Cove Brook Trail:
Meat Cove Brook Trail offers a peaceful walk through the woods along side the beautiful sounds of the Meat Cove River flowing.


Abandoned Mine Trail:
Meat cova Board Walk TrailThe mine trail is a 2 hour return, which takes you to an old abandoned mine where zinc use to be found.


Meat Cove Board Walk:
Starts from Meat Cove Internet Café, leading to the beach. Build along side Meat Cove River, an enjoyable walk for all ages! 




Cabot Trail Accommodation in Meat Cove Nova Scotia